Today I will have lunch with a Baptist minister friend who is also a gifted writer.  He has had numerous non-fiction short stories published and has decided to try his hand at fiction with an Episcopal bent.  He is using me as a consultant (tee-hee)  about Episcopal matters such as where should the baptismal font be placed in a church ~ near the front door or up front?  You can Google it and read all about them ~ many have 8 sides for a reason, many are placed at the door, others are up front.  All of that reminded me of this picture taken of me baptizing an adult in a village quite a distance from Dodoma.  How do you like this font??  In the overall scheme of things it really doesn’t matter does it?  One of my favorite pictures is of Sandy baptizing an infant and the “font” is a bright pink plastic bowl.  It’s in a different format so I cannot put it on the blog.  This person and all of us who are baptized, no matter where, become new people ~ people of the Way.