Martin in his lab

You have met Martin in an earlier blog.  He and his wife Sandy have devoted their lives to the people of both Kenya and Tanzania.  They are friends that inspire Jessie and me.

Most of humankind is shocked and grieved over the tragic loss of the nearly 300 people who died in the crash of the Malaysian commercial jet airliner this past week.   The church where I worship was somber during the Prayers of the People when those people were remembered to God ~ all precious, all  loved by God and their families.

Martin,  a pathologist who works countless hours in his little lab, sent us an article about the number of HIV/AIDS researchers,  scientists and doctors that were killed in that crash.  Though not confirmed, 100 senior researchers were on their way to Melbourne, Australia for the 20th International AIDS conference which began today (Sunday, 20 July).  “The cure of AIDs might have been on that plane” said Trevor Stratton, an HIV consultant.  This all hits Martin particularly hard as he teaches at both theological colleges and hospitals about AIDs.  Any senseless loss is unthinkable but to lose these brilliant men and women diminishes our world.

We may never know what happened to that plane.  I consider it mass murder and wonder when, if ever, we will beat our swords into plowshares.

Thank you to our readers and for those who support our work.