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In a confused and troubling world it is heartening  to have good news for a change, especially from our friends in Tanzania.  The young man on the right is The Reverend Daudi (David) Manasseh.

He is a graduate of Msalato and St. John’s University in Dodoma.  I wrote about the tragedy in his life a few years ago on this blog.  His wife of three years had died suddenly with Malaria and shortly thereafter his baby girl was burned badly.  Life held little hope for him at that time.  He went to Sandy (in the picture) and asked why after such a short time together did his wife have to be taken from him?  I’ve often said that God does not answer the “why” question.

Thanks to your support, Karimu was able to send money to Daudi to help with funeral expenses and medical help for his little girl.  He has stayed in touch via e-mail and Face Book, these marvels in our lives that also consume a lot of our time.  Imagine a few years ago getting e-mails from Tanzania!

Now we have wonderful news from Daudi.  He plans to be married in September and his daughter has recovered after many months in the hospital and staying with relatives.  He writes that he is very excited about having his daughter back with him.  Doesn’t it make you glow to know that this gentle man has found someone to love and someone to love him.

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