This is one of my favorite pictures of Moses Matonya.  I think it is the hat!  We were in his home village of Ikowa where his mother lives and where his ancestors are buried.

Jessie and I are not able to go to Tanzania this year, but Moses is coming to us!  Since 2008 we have had a special bond with him, the college, the students, the villagers and his family.  Currently, he is at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia working on his Ph.D. with Dean Ian Markham,  AND graciously he is coming to Pinehurst.  He will preach at St. Luke’s, Salisbury, NC on March 30th. His friends at St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church in Seven Lakes plan to have a cover dish supper for him on Saturday, March 29th at 5 p.m.   If any of you would like to come let me know via phone or e-mail.  (910-949-2992 or  We would need a head count because we won’t have Jesus to multiply the fishes and the loaves.

Many are convinced that Africa’s greatest need is one of leadership.  Moses is shaping church and community leaders for the Tanzanian society and for Africa.  MOSES IS A LEADER.

Love and blessings to all of our readers.