Garden at Msalato

Look what is happening at Msalato Theological College!  With the help of Joshua Rutere, acting dean of the college while Moses is working on his PhD, and the students, a garden has been planted and fenced in on the campus.  It is called Msalato Environmental Programme (MEP for short).  They are focusing on care of the environment and sustainable agricultural practices (toward food security).  They are planting lots of trees for which they have started a tree nursery, with the aim of 1000 new surviving trees in the next 7 years on the MTC site.  The garden is not only meeting the need for green vegetables for the students, it enables them to sell some of the spinach to the wider community (villagers) at a reasonable price.  The rains have been OKAY although at the moment there has been a long break.

Jessie and I are seeking funds from grants and your donations to assist them in their aims at the college.  Would you like to buy a tree, or garden implements?  This is a very joyous and positive project.  The students are acquiring skills that will make them church AND community leaders.  God must be smiling.  We would love to have your comments along with your prayers for these good people.