Children with toys

Yesterday, Jessie and I saw a very creative, artistic and fun-looking playground at the North Carolina Zoo.  If the sculptured metal slides, monkey bars, and other colorful garden-type equipment had been larger even I might have tried one.  It was called Garden Friends Playground.  Every thing was shaped like flowers and things one would find in a garden and it was teeming with joyful children.  I’m sorry I did not take a picture of it for you.

Once home, I thought about our little friends in Africa and wondered how they would have reacted to this marvelous set of activity “toys.”  You see, these little children make their own toys.  If you look closely at this picture you will see a soccer ball made of plastic bags and I think the little fellow with his hand on his forehead must have been wondering what to do with his toy that an older brother had made for him. In their simple way they are creative too.  Children are children the world over.  They all need joy and love.

Absolutely, two different worlds ~ yesterday’s children were surrounded by lush beauty and my African children are surrounded by dust and dirt.   Most would not know what a flower garden looks like.  As Jessie says, we have won the birth lottery.   I wonder why?