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Yesterday (January 14) was the birthday of Albert Schweitzer whom we all think we know about.  We know he was a musical genius, a theologian, philosopher and a medical missionary.  I did not know that he and his wife, being German citizens, spent 4 months as prisoners of war when World War I broke out.  Nor did I know that when the war ended, he resumed his earlier life of preaching, teaching and giving organ recitals until he and his wife could return to Africa in 1925.  The hospital that he built with money he had earned giving concerts was a far cry from Western standards.  For the greatness of his life and dedication to humanity he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952.  With his  prize money he expanded his hospital to provide medical care and housing for lepers.  All of this information came to me yesterday on one of my favorite websites:  “The Writer’s Almanac.”  Check it out and read more about Dr. Schweitzer.

His reverence for life, his compassion, his dogged hard work in Gabon, French Equatorial Africa influenced the life of a very young girl when she read a book about him.  Her name?  The Reverend Canon Sandra McCann, M.D.  IMG_0477_2

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