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Yet, again, we want to thank all of you who are opening your hearts this Christmastime!  You have been generously been giving piglets to friends and family for Christmas gifts and we are well on the way to reaching 700 women in 2014!  Tally and I received the semi-annual report from the Rev. Hilda Kabia on the progress of the Women’s Empowerment Projects.  All loans have been repaid and news ones granted by existing groups.  A few piglets died from disease, or eaten by wild animals, but the loss has been only five over six years.  I wrote to Moses Matonya asking if we might be reaching a saturation point in the Dodoma region with pigs, and he assured us we have not.  He did say some women would like to raise chickens as there is a demand for the meat and eggs, so it looks like there will be future projects with chickens!!!

Tally wrote a grant for the fourth year, from St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Foundation, in Salsbury, NC for food for the students at the theological college.  This is over $100,000 now.  Thank  you St. Luke’s!!  We are praying that this year the rains will be kinder and gentler so that the students, who have left to plant their seeds, will have crops and not have to face the dire situation they endured last year when all was lost.  At least, because of St. Luke’s, they will have food at the college when they return.

There are other wonderful things going on through Karimu.  Two adult students are being sponsored at the college to become Pastors.  A new Women’s Entrepreneurship Class will be conducted for wives of Pastors in remote villages who have heard about the success of the piglet projects.  They will travel to the college where they will stay for five days to learn how to run their own projects in their villages.  The Women’s English Class will continue with a new group.  Children are being sponsored in the primary school, and of course, THE WILBUR PROJECT!  THANK YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Tally and Jessie


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