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What a beautiful picture from Sandy McCann. I didn’t know what kazi meant ~ basically they are sacristans in the U.S. They help set up Holy Communion each week and put out books, clean the chapel and grounds. Sandy had taken new robes and stoles donated by an altar guild in New York and they wanted their picture taken. Here there is no rule about church seasonal colors ~ they wear what they have and the more color the better, says Sandy. She has come to love it as have I. Altar guilds in the U.S would have massive strokes if we messed with the colors. The young man on the right is Samwell Matonya, no kin to Moses, but in one of my classes last year. He is a sweetheart and helped me so much last summer. One is a Muslim convert. Jessie says she wants her tombstone to read: “She wasn’t vanilla.” The same can be said of our African brothers and sisters. We just sent two green stoles to Sandy, so we will see them someday adding to the rainbow of colors. Enjoy their joy!

blowing in the wind..._2

This is Sandy’s name for this photo which I love and I echo all that Jessie wrote this morning. Yes, I know it was an old 60’s protest song about peace, war and freedom but the words still ring true. Sandy wrote too about how they save foil until it cannot be hand-ironed one more time. Jessie and I came back from our first trip to Africa very eco-minded, and like her I slip up sometimes. Even when I think I am not being wasteful I find green sour cream in the fridge. Living is a life-long learning experience so it is not too late: “How many times must a man turn his head an’ pretend he just doesn’t see? The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind; the answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

Sandy sent this photo this morning.  She was trying out a camera to see if it worked and took the photo of drying plastic bags.  It reminded me of Tally and I doing the same when we were in Tanzania, along with cutting paper napkins in half, reusing things we would not normally think of reusing here.  With all our abundance we tend to throw out a papertowel just because it is wet, or a plastic bag because there are crumbs in it.  Not only are we wasteful, we create so much trash which has to be dealt with.  I have lapsed in my habits, but seeing this photo will nudge me back to being more careful.  Sandy also wrote plants are dying from lack of water.  The struggle goes on.  Hope you can come and see/meet Moses on October 13th!!!  Jessieblowing in the wind..._2

Moses, Jessie, Baby Grace and cousin

I’ve really made a dogs-dinner trying to get pictures on this blog. At least I am trying to master something new. Lord, have mercy.

Moses, Jessie, Baby Grace and cousin

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