I have tried to copy the report to the blog with no success, it is three pages long so will give a synopsis here and if you would like to read the report in full, email me and I will happily send you the full copy via email.  However, in short:

The Rev. Hilda Kabia – Supervisor of the Women’s Empowerment Projects, and Judith Makolonga, Secretary of the projects from Makoja Parish sent their reports from their visits to the Ikowa and Makoja Parishes to collect on the loans from last year, and hear of their progress.    In Ikowa this past year’s group of 22 women were given $933.00 as seed money for their projects.  This seed money came from repayments of loans from the former groups.  The 22 new groups had 5 women in each group, totaling 110 new women.  They proceeded to pay back all but $18.66 which the promise will be repaid at the next distribution.  There are now 350 women in the parish of Ikowa who are benefiting from these projects.  They have been able to pay school fees for their children, a few have built good houses, (read mud, adobe, 10×12, with metal sheets for roofs as opposed to straw).  Others have decided to buy goats and sheep as a new business.

As a way of giving thanks for this business opportunity, the women of Ikowa put a cement floor in their church last year.

In Makoja Parish, they were given $373.20 last year, which they succeeded in repaying in full this year.  This money was distributed to five groups of women with 5 in each group, 25 women in total.  Each group bought three piglets and the piglets grew well.  They were put to a boar, and they multiplied.  The money from the sales of the new piglets helped them to pay school fees for their children and to buy food because it was a dry area with the drought.

Tally and I are asking you to reignite your piglets projects as more women want to join in this endeavor.  The cost of a piglet is $18.50.

With the new groups starting this year, we have grown from the initial 49 women four years ago to 602 women!  Other projects are also running, such as the flour enrichment being done by women near Dodoma.

The women, Tally and I want to thank The Rev Canon Moses Matonya, his wife Ruth, his mother, Rosemary who supervised the first projects in Ikowa village four years ago.  Also, The Rev. Hilda Kabia for her hard work on keeping track of all the projects.  Marion McChesney for teaching the Women’s English classes and Entrepreneur classes.  Mary Makunda for all her support and ideas.  Most of all, we thank YOU for your continued support of KARIMU.  Please know that the lives of over 600 women in Tanzania have been made better because of you.  All they needed was that one “leg up” to get them going.  They have the energy, desire and ability to improve their lives, they simply needed that “start” which you have provided.  They now delight in passing it along to others when they repay their loans.  The men have been supportive to the women as well.

We have a goal now of seeing that all the women in the diocese have this opportunity.  Word has spread and women are asking…so let us restart the Wilbur Project in our churches, and contributions.  Thank you,  Jessie