had such joy in your heart that you felt it might burst?  We have all had our hearts broken but once in awhile joy catches us by the throat and lingers there because there are no words.

The Rev. Canon Matonya (Moses) was with us from this past Friday until 12:41 a.m. today when he boarded a train in Southern Pines, N.C. bound for Virginia Theological Seminary. There is something about a train pulling away from a station that compels us to stand there waving to everyone as it clickety-clacks off into the dark. I stood in the rain until I could no longer see the back of the train and tears welled in my eyes and rolled down my face along with the raindrops.

We now live in a world that we can easily reach across long distances,  oceans, continents and hold hands with people that we never dreamed of meeting or knowing.  Moses has the soul of an angel ~ gentle and calm, trusting in the goodness of God.   A few words from him and my perspective changes.  Although I have always loved rain, like walking in the rain, smelling rain, hearing rain on the rooftop.  It is good as Moses would say, but Moses also said that when he sees rain he sees life.  You see, where he comes from there is little rain, crops fail, hunger and illness prevails.  Still, the sweetness in his face remains.

Jessie is going to follow this with a report that we (she mostly) worked on last night with Moses about the success of the piglet project (the Wilbur Project).  It is an amazing story.  Please give heed to her report.  With a heart-full of love and thanksgiving, Tally