Today is a day for rejoicing.  After months of trying to obtain his visa, The Rev. Canon Moses Matonya will be coming to the States to work at Virginia Theological Seminary on his Ph.D.   And, he is coming for his second visit to North Carolina.  He will preach at St. Mary Magdalene’s Episcopal Church (Seven Lakes) on Sunday, October 13 at 9:30 a.m.  St. Mary Magdalene’s has taken him into their hearts and his love is returned to us ten fold.  Father Bob Brown refers to him as a Holy Man of God and that he is.

Those who read our blog please come to meet him and learn about the faithful Christian men and women in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika.  It is men like Moses who will lead Africa out of poverty, ignorance and disease.

Every where you go in Tanzania you hear the word:  Karibu which in Swahili means WELCOME.  My prayer is that we will give him as large a welcome as Jessie and I have received from Moses and the warm-hearted people of Msalato.