Girls carrying waterThere was no water at Msalato Theological College last week.  Since this is not a rare occurrence, Sandy and Martin keep large containers of water for emergency purposes.  When the  pump was fixed and water was restored in their home these two little girls from the neighboring village came one morning to see if they could have their extra water.  You can see the children are small.  They took their kangas and made head gear then they put these containers on their heads and off they went.  There is no way I could lift one of these heavy containers let alone carry it on my head.  Sandy asked them how they do it.  They start as wee tots carrying small loads and work up to large heavy ones.   “Necessity is the mother of invention.” 

I am noodling with a new computer and it has taken me hours to get this picture on.  If I can do it again, I’ll send one of them proudly walking off with their treasure.  (Don’t ask me why the color changed.  Computers can  have minds of their own!)