Lieder ohne Worte (Songs without Words) came to my mind when I looked at these pictures again that Jessie so kindly posted.  I even stopped and listened to some of the lyrical piano pieces that Felix Mendelssohn wrote which didn’t and don’t have a thing to do with Africa other than the music is as poignantly expressive as the faces in these pictures.

Much thought and many books have belabored the question of why church attendance is dropping ~ even some mega-churches are losing ground.  Fads come and go:   “Theology on Tap” sounds catchy but it isn’t really what Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers are seeking.  Most say they are seeking Jesus.   I  am a seeker as well.  Looking into these African faces and the children waiting so patiently makes me think these simple village folk are not only seeking but maybe have found him.  See the joy in the old man.  Sandy was so overcome she had to hold back her tears.

I asked Sandy what Karimu could do to help these 600 new Christians in this village.  They need Bibles, hymnbooks and Christian literature.  Basically, they are biblically illiterate.  Please consider contributing to Karimu for this project.    

Mary Oliver ends her thoughtful poem  The Summer Day with these words: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”  Together, let’s help these people. 

Always, Tally and Jessie