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Dear Friends of Karimu,

The well hasn’t run dry but we have been rather silent these summer days.  Much has been happening in Tanzania but sadly we have not been there.  A new archbishop was consecrated which drew all manner of Holy men and women to Dodoma including the Archbishop of Canterbury.  President Obama has been there  as well, but not for the consecration.  Earlier, President Obama and Michelle  visited the cell  in which Nelson Mandella spent 27 years.    I was on Robbin Island in 2008 and  was so moved by what the prisoners endured and survived.  And now the great man lies ill and old in a South African hospital.  My hope is that President Obama and President Kikweti will begin notations to improve the quality of life for the Tanzanians. 

Sandy has sent  some very moving photos of going to the same village that Jessie and I visited last October.  She baptized many as did we and was nearly reduced to tears by an old man who  came forward with two walking sticks.    Maybe Jessie will put them on for me. 

Jessie had 16 glorious days in Provence attending a painting workshop/seminar/classes with a well-know artist.  Her new  work is gorgeous.  Check out her website: jessiemackayart.  

Our hearts hurt to not go to Tanzania this year ~ family circumstances mostly but always with hope of returning.  We are thankful for the many projects that are doing well.  Since October we have raised considerable money to provide maize for the students to take to their families in distant villages.  Sadly, it has been a worst drought than ever.  We have done some presentations at churches that have dug deep into their pockets to aid these deserving people.  We are grateful to St.  Thomas’ Church in Sanford, NC for helping us to fill up the basket of need.  I believe the Swahili proverb to be true that little by little eventually the basket will be full.  We called this project:  “A-Maizing Grace.”   We have just sent over $17,000 for maize and to sponsor two students.  This is all thanks to you, our faithful and generous supporters.

Stay cool and love from Tally and Jessie 

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