IMG_3286We want to bring you up to date on where the monies are going, so below is the list of items which KARIMU is sponsoring:

$12,ooo for Maize for the college

2,600 for Maize for the children and faculty at Bishop Stanway Primary School

1,500 for the Pastor’s Wives English Class

3,000 for sponsoring two students at the college

$19,100 TOTAL

Because of the drought, we have added the Primary School to the Maize program.  there are 22 employees at BSPS (includes faculty and staff) in addition to the children. Each faculty member will receivea 100 kg bag of corn and this will also cover the porridge for daily meals for one year for the children.

Other wonderful news!! The folks in Wyoming have obtained a grant of $25,000 for the Primary School.  They will use this money to finish two classrooms at the school as well as other needed repairs!!!

Thank you everyone, for your continued support of KARIMU.  Thank you too, those who bought paintings at my art show,  we were able to contribute to Saint Mary Magdalene’s outreach program as well as KARIMU.