Why do you suppose everything seems worse at night?  Maybe it is the ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggeded beasties and things that go bump in the night.  Night before last was one of those nights for me.  When I dragged my old bones out of the bed to walk James I adopted a new mantra:  “Seek joy.”  Barely in from our walk I received a phone call from The Rev. Craig Lister, rector of St. Thomas Church in Sanford, NC, calling to tell me the vestry had voted to give $500.00 to Karimu.  The women of that same church have also voted to give $500.00.  Psalm 30:6 came bursting into my head: ” Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes in the morning.”  It did ~ joy came in the morning.  $1000.00 put us over our $12,000  goal for A-Maizing-Grace.   We hit $12,605 this morning.  We were $140.00 short last week and Pam Webb (The Reverend Pam Webb) took care of that.  She has been a patron saint.  Joy!  Seek it!  Look for it!  Pray for it!  Remember Anne Lamott’s book that I wrote about:  “HELP – THANKS – WOW!”  That works for me in prayer, certainly today.

The deacons of this diocese had a retreat this past weekend in a most holy place ~ The St. Francis Springs Prayer Center (Franciscan).  Since we all live in an age of cell phones, I-Pads, instant communication and sorrowfully instant gratification it was renewing for me to go to a quiet place and meet with fellow deacons along with our bishop and our bishop suffragan elect.  Bishop Curry said he has no fire in his belly for capitol campaigns ~ we don’t need big beautiful churches he said.  We need to be in the world taking the message of God/Christ to the disinfranchised ~  the poor, the hungry, the sick, the aged.  Our altar should be the world, he said.  You, through your support ,are making it possible for Jessie and me to do just that.  If Sarah laughed when Jesus told her she would bear a child in old age, I laugh at how  God gets us.  I never liked stewardship time in the church ~ pleading with parishioners to fill out pledge cards, to “up” their giving each year, etc.  Now I am a beggar.  I am no longer embarrassed to tell the story that I have learned. 

We put our finger in one dike and another springs open.  Currently we need funds to sponsor 3 children at Bishop Stanway Primary School.  The cost is $320.00 a child.  Although we are not going to Africa this summer we still are hard at work for our friends and with good, trustworthy people on the ground we can continue to work on this side of the pond.  Sandy writes that the Pastor’s Wive’s English classes may be the best thing we have done.  We pay for the teacher, classroom, books etc.  Read Jessie’s last blog entry.  These women want to continue their education to become teachers, nurses, pastors.  These are things that can save Africa.

We cannot do anything by ourselves.  Everything and any amount helps.  We came home in October with $500.00 in our Karimu account.  We now have $20,000.  THANKS AND WOW.