In a letter from Marion McChesney, the story of the Women’s English Class:

IMG_0251 IMG_0254On Friday 31st May, my Pastors’ Wives English Conversation Class had their Graduation Ceremony.  The final Performance was of 6 songs, not only in English, but also they had been translated into Swahili by Theresia (Pink outfit in photos).  There were two dramas, planned and organised by the women.  Three read stories they had written themselves, and two of the readers had never been to school a day in their life before joining this English class.  None of the class had been beyond Primary School. Four of them now have plans of finishing High School qualifications in English so then they can begin the diploma of Theology.  three of them will be starting this process here as Boarders at Msalato next year (August).  One of them wants to become a nurse, many of the others just want to do High School for their own personal satisfaction.”

Thank you everyone for your help in donating to Karimu for this worthy endeavour.  We are so proud of these women and to Marion, their teacher!!!