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Jessie and I have now made our second trip to Emmanuel Church near Charlottesville.  It was a most unforgettable and exciting time for us.  We attended a fund-raiser for the church on Saturday night ~ a chocolate and wine party.  That was a first for me, and a lot of fun.  Before that we had dinner with two parishioners ~ people we felt we had known forever ~ that is how comfortable we felt.  Pam Webb, the interim there and a special friend was her usual hostess with the mostest. 

In my two sermons, preached from one of those crow’s nest pulpits where you feel either powerful or terrified, I was able to tell them about the word one hears most often in Tanzania ~ Karibu which means welcome.  The  Tanzanians are very welcoming people and so are the good souls at Emmanuel, Greenwood.  High up in that atmospheric pulpit I “thought” I saw a familiar face but then thought, “no, they live in Alexandria.”  In the very back pew, and these were pews that were rectangular boxes with little latched doors on them, I saw two of my dearest heart and soul friends ~  Gail and Perry Epes.  I stopped the sermon, probably bad form, and acknowledged their presence and blew them a kiss.   It was just the nicest surprise in the whole world.  Between services Jessie did a great presentation on our most recent trip and also talked about the famine with a slide show.  Pam was amazed at the number of children that came and asked questions. 

If politicians “press-the-flesh” so do we at the door following a service.  However, I never expected what happened.  With almost every handshake we felt paper.  Jessie even met the governor of Virginia.  Money and checks.  Nearly a thousand dollars.  We need $9,000 to provide the maize but what a start.  Moses reminds me that little by little the basket will be full of grain.  We are on the way ~ if you would like to help these deserving but starving people, please do.  Send your check to Karimu.  (Mr. William Rose, Treasurer) 514 New Jersey Ave.  Southern Pines, NC 28387  You will be blessed as we are every day.

Yesterday, Tally and I drove up and back to Charlottesville to Pam’s church where she is interim, and made a presentation to a committee for help with the “Amaizeing Grace”  project.  There is famine in Tanzania, and many of the students at the college have no food for their families.  $89. buys a 100kg bag of maize they can use to feed their families and we are trying to raise $9,848 to get them through this terrible period.  All their crops died in the fields from lack of rain.Image

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