IMG_3320We have grand news!  66 more women have joined the piglet projects (women’s empowerment).  Four new Parishes:  Ndebwe, Makaja, Zanka Parishes.  The total new piglets come to 54 piglets.  Thank you everyone for your contributions to aid in this project.  A new Entrepreneural Class will begin in August.  We also have women working on other projects that do not involve pigs.  One is enriching flour, that has expanded.  Another is women making the uniforms for the Bishop Stanway Primary School.  Speaking of the school, there are children who still need sponsorship.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child, we will get the information on that child with a photo and brief history.  The cost is $382. per child.  Again, thank you all so very much.  There is much draught in the region and these projects will greatly aid the women and thier families.  Jessie