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THIS is what all the crop fields look like.  Another year of drought, no crops.  Food is going to be a serious problem for our friends in Tanzania.  Karimu will use some funds to buy corn which can be distributed by Moses and Sandy.  If you can help, please do.  They are totally dependent on rain and when it doesn’t come there is no food.  JessieImage

For over five years we have been writing about Tanzana, Karimu’s work there, about Sandy, Moses and others.  We have mentioned Martin McCann and some of the contributions for Karimu have gont to assist him in his work.  I thought I would take time to tell you more about this remarkable man. Martin and Sandy met in medical school and have been on the same path of making the world a better place.

Martin is a pathologist who practiced in community hospitals for 25 years.  After he retired as Chief of Pathology of St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, Ga., he obtained a certificate in Tropical Medicine from Johns Hopkins with field work in Peru.  He has worked in Haiti, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Kenya and now in Tanzania.

His main focus is in improvement and use of fine needle aspiration for diagnosing infections and tumors.  He set up a histopathology lab in Dodoma, TZ, teaches one day at week at a mission hospital, as well as courses on HIV/AIDS at the Msalato Theological College where his wife is Communication’s Director (among many other things).

Martin says that most of his patients are from villages – typically, they wait way too long to come to a doctor due to family reasons, cost of transport, and ignorance of what kinds of illnesses there are.  He sees advanced cases of cancers that few doctors in the US come across.  You can see by the photos just a few examples.

A few doctors we know have contributed to Martin’s work, specifically, and we want to thank them, as well as show them a bit of Martin and his meaningful work.Image 46Image 43


Jessie mentioned the drought in Dodoma ~ it is  a constant reality.  Sandy asked if God could not give them one good year.  She also wrote that one of her seminary professors said that the first question that would be asked at the gate of heaven by God would be:  “Did you enjoy my creation?” Ponder that.


IMG_3320We have grand news!  66 more women have joined the piglet projects (women’s empowerment).  Four new Parishes:  Ndebwe, Makaja, Zanka Parishes.  The total new piglets come to 54 piglets.  Thank you everyone for your contributions to aid in this project.  A new Entrepreneural Class will begin in August.  We also have women working on other projects that do not involve pigs.  One is enriching flour, that has expanded.  Another is women making the uniforms for the Bishop Stanway Primary School.  Speaking of the school, there are children who still need sponsorship.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child, we will get the information on that child with a photo and brief history.  The cost is $382. per child.  Again, thank you all so very much.  There is much draught in the region and these projects will greatly aid the women and thier families.  Jessie

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