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“Holding our inner blueprint, which is a good description of our soul, and returning it humbly to the world and to God by love and service is of ultimate concern. Each thing and every person must act out its nature fully, at whatever cost. It is our life’s purpose, and the deepest meaning of “natural law.” We are here to give back fully and freely what was first given to us – but now writ personally – by us…The first half of life is discovering the script, and the second half is actually writing it and owning it.” C.G. Jung would like this quote.  Jessie

NB.  thanks for the nice feedback on the PINESTRAW article, y’all.

For those of you who live in and around Pinehurst, PLEASE pick up the February issue of PineStraw.  It hit the streets yesterday and it is gorgeous.  Jessie’s soul-filled article and her paintings, plus photographs are heart-stopping and very moving.  I have watched her paint and looked at her paintings for years now and the pensive Masaai on the cover brought tears to my eyes with the stong brush strokes, the tilt of his head and the long walking stick that no doubt helped to hold up his spindly legs.  One wonders how many hundreds of miles this man has walked. Honestly, I can’t stop looking at it.  Before I met Jessie, I would sit up at the altar on Sundays and wonder who that beautiful woman might be, never dreaming we would become such good friends and have the opportunity to share this amazing work in Tanzania that has re-shaped our lives.  It is an amazing journey.  If you look close enough at the picture of the two of us taken in her house, you will see a little black dog.  That’s my little dog, James who is never too far away from me.  Velcro might have been a better name for him!  Enjoy the magazine.  Proud to be Jessie’s friend, Tally.

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