Time to let you know how the money has been spent this past year.  I have another report from Tanzania that I want to download, but haven’t been able to so far, so will get Anna Smith to show me how to attach it to the blog.  Meantime, these are the monies we allocated this summer:

Bishop Stanway Primary School              $2,411.87  (for building repairs, scholarships)

Sponsoring 2 Degree Students, Daniel Mazengo, Chirstant Ntiamagwa           $5,595.67

Sponsoring 2 Diploma Students, Betinas Ndoyela, Paul Mungata             $1,552.26

New Piglet Projects:  Ndebwe Parish        $401.98

Makoja Parish         $401.98

Handali Parish        $401.98

Zanka Parish            $401.98

BANK CHARGES –   $80.01


ENGLISH/Entrepreneur Class  $4,950

Field Trip for Women to discuss projects $200

FOOTSTEPS IN FAITH Endowment Fund:  $3,000

TOTAL:  $41,396.75

Balance in Account  $10,238.