Jessie and I talked with Sandy yesterday, just a few days before she returns to Msalato and there is wistfulness inside of me as she leaves, especially knowing that we will not return in 2013.  Karimu’s programs are up and running ~ piglets abound, classes for the empowerment of women are funded by a grant from the Diocesan MDG committee and  your donations continue to allow us to help with medical needs, student aid etc.  The thread cannot be broken.  We have good people “on the ground”  to oversee our projects (your projects).  Life goes on and we believe in our hearts that we will return. 

Sleep was elusive last night ~ always a good time to pray and pray I did for as many of our friends in Dodoma as names I could remember.  Sandy thinks it is so much fun to hear names roll off of my tongue that I could not pronounce 5 years ago.  Daudi (David)  Mkunda, Venuce,  Ayubu, Yohana (John, of course) and beautiful names such as Happiness, Glory, Emmanuel, Philemon, Moses and Grace.  I see their faces and hear their soft melodious voices and I hunger to see them. 

On my office wall hangs a favorite quote by Goethe done in calligraphy while I was studying to be a deacon.  “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”   That’s it.  We are being shaped daily by our friends.  We ARE one.    We love them.  Their plight but also their joy and faith are worth life itself.     A happy day to you,  Tally