HAPPY NEW YEAR TO OUR READERS!  In our household we always say:  “Begin as you plan to continue.”  I try not to clean bathrooms or iron,  although neither of those things will get me in any trouble.  Remaining true to my humble Southern beginnings and claiming they will bring good luck,  we ate cornbread, collards, black-eyed peas and shrimp.  Other than shrimp, not totally unlike an African diet ~ beans, rice and chapatis.  It may not be French-elegant, but there is something to be said for soul food.  It’s downright good!

Our African friends are on break from school in order to go to their shambas (farms) to plant their crops.  Rain is imperative and there is never any assurance there will be enough.  So, I think of them this first night of 2013 with prayers and love. 

I just read Anne Lamott’s newest book about prayer entitled:  HELP, THANKS AND WOW.  She says that is all we really need to say,  and come to think of it that may be the way I pray.  I say HELP alot, THANKS alot and for the enormous privilege of going to and serving our friends in Tanzanina, I say WOW a lot.

THANKS  for you as well.  Let’s all “be calm and carry on” this year.  Love from Tally