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Time to let you know how the money has been spent this past year.  I have another report from Tanzania that I want to download, but haven’t been able to so far, so will get Anna Smith to show me how to attach it to the blog.  Meantime, these are the monies we allocated this summer:

Bishop Stanway Primary School              $2,411.87  (for building repairs, scholarships)

Sponsoring 2 Degree Students, Daniel Mazengo, Chirstant Ntiamagwa           $5,595.67

Sponsoring 2 Diploma Students, Betinas Ndoyela, Paul Mungata             $1,552.26

New Piglet Projects:  Ndebwe Parish        $401.98

Makoja Parish         $401.98

Handali Parish        $401.98

Zanka Parish            $401.98

BANK CHARGES –   $80.01


ENGLISH/Entrepreneur Class  $4,950

Field Trip for Women to discuss projects $200

FOOTSTEPS IN FAITH Endowment Fund:  $3,000

TOTAL:  $41,396.75

Balance in Account  $10,238.

Jessie and I talked with Sandy yesterday, just a few days before she returns to Msalato and there is wistfulness inside of me as she leaves, especially knowing that we will not return in 2013.  Karimu’s programs are up and running ~ piglets abound, classes for the empowerment of women are funded by a grant from the Diocesan MDG committee and  your donations continue to allow us to help with medical needs, student aid etc.  The thread cannot be broken.  We have good people “on the ground”  to oversee our projects (your projects).  Life goes on and we believe in our hearts that we will return. 

Sleep was elusive last night ~ always a good time to pray and pray I did for as many of our friends in Dodoma as names I could remember.  Sandy thinks it is so much fun to hear names roll off of my tongue that I could not pronounce 5 years ago.  Daudi (David)  Mkunda, Venuce,  Ayubu, Yohana (John, of course) and beautiful names such as Happiness, Glory, Emmanuel, Philemon, Moses and Grace.  I see their faces and hear their soft melodious voices and I hunger to see them. 

On my office wall hangs a favorite quote by Goethe done in calligraphy while I was studying to be a deacon.  “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”   That’s it.  We are being shaped daily by our friends.  We ARE one.    We love them.  Their plight but also their joy and faith are worth life itself.     A happy day to you,  Tally

Many years ago, in Fairfax, VA some friends adopted a young child from Vietnam.  She arrived with a small wicker basket containing her every possession and without one word of English.  By the time Wee-Sook got to high school and played in the marching band, her mother said she was more American than Americans.  Jessie and I are becoming more African than the Africans.

Yesterday we left Pinehurst in the dark of the morning (5:15 a.m.) and drove to Ivy, VA near Charlottesville to hear The Rev. Canon Sandy McCann, M.D. preach at St. Paul’s church.  It was nearly a 5 hour drive.  Someone commented:  “You are driving 5 hours to go to church?”   It made me think of our African friends, some who walk, WALK! for hours to get to a church service and once there, stay until dark.   Would I walk barefooted or in flip flops to praise God?  I am afraid I know the answer.  I was in a comfortable warm car, viewed the lovely hill country of Albemarle County, and sat in a white pointsettia-bedecked church to sing those familiar Epiphany hymns. 

Sandy was great ~ truly an inspiration to us and so totally committed to her life and work in Tanzania.  Every dime she makes preaching in America goes to Msalato Theological College, for she sees the importance of well-trained pastors to bring the villagers out of “darkness.”  Epiphany means “manifestation or a striking appearance.”  I learned a new word yesterday ~ EPIPHANIC.  It means living a life of ever expanding epiphanies, ever expanding discoveries; a life of suddenly seeing God in the most unlikely places. (Fred Thompson)   That is one thing the Africans are doing for me.  Who would expect to find God in what looks sometimes like a God-forsaken place?  We do, even though we sometimes have to drive 5 hours or fly 27 hours to do so.  We got home at 7:30 p.m. ~ left in darkness and returned in darkness, but we glimpsed the light in between.  Light and love to you all.  Tally 

Sandy wrote that Moses Matonya’s sister’s baby died of Malaria the day before Christmas at 8 months of age. The baby was burried on Christmas Day. It stuns to think that in this day and age, babies are dying of a preventable disease, but because of the lack of nearby medical care it is happening all the time. I know Moses’ sister, and I cannot imagine how she will recover from this loss and I grieve for her and her family.

KARIMU will check to see if there are enough mosquito nets in the village, and if not be sure they will be able to buy what they need.

I hope that 2013 will be a good year for everyone, and thank you all so much for your support for the people in Tanzania! Jessie

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO OUR READERS!  In our household we always say:  “Begin as you plan to continue.”  I try not to clean bathrooms or iron,  although neither of those things will get me in any trouble.  Remaining true to my humble Southern beginnings and claiming they will bring good luck,  we ate cornbread, collards, black-eyed peas and shrimp.  Other than shrimp, not totally unlike an African diet ~ beans, rice and chapatis.  It may not be French-elegant, but there is something to be said for soul food.  It’s downright good!

Our African friends are on break from school in order to go to their shambas (farms) to plant their crops.  Rain is imperative and there is never any assurance there will be enough.  So, I think of them this first night of 2013 with prayers and love. 

I just read Anne Lamott’s newest book about prayer entitled:  HELP, THANKS AND WOW.  She says that is all we really need to say,  and come to think of it that may be the way I pray.  I say HELP alot, THANKS alot and for the enormous privilege of going to and serving our friends in Tanzanina, I say WOW a lot.

THANKS  for you as well.  Let’s all “be calm and carry on” this year.  Love from Tally

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