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As we move too quickly from the Christmas season to a new year I want to say:  “don’t leave yet, stay around awhile longer.”   During our early morning walk, (James and I)  Christmas lights  still glistened in my neighbor’s homes and trees.  I wanted to hold on to their quiet beauty.  It rained hard last night and we had to dodge large puddles on our path. The dark heavy sky and the silence of the morning reminded me  of “joy and sadness” woven into the tapestry of our lives.  All during the hustle and bustle of the days leading up to Christmas and the following days I have looked for something special to share with you.  I found it yesterday written by Howard Thurman.


There must be always

remaining in every life,

someplace for the singing of angels.

Some place for that

which in itself

is breathless and beautiful.

Old burdens become lighter

deep and ancient wounds

lose much of their old hurting.

Despite all the crassness of life,

all the hardness and

harsh discords,

life is saved by

the singing of angels.

May we all hear the singing of angels. 



We received a grant from the MDG committee for $4,950 for the women’s empowerment projects, specifically the Entrepreneurial Class.  There are women who live in towns rather than subsistence farming, who will be working on other  kinds of projects requiring more knowledge of book keeping, inventory, sales and marketing.  Interestingly, the first group to have gone through this class went out to visit the women of Ikowa who began the first pig project.  In the exchanging of ideas and experiences, the Ikowa women realized that the visiting women had valuable knowledge and ideas that could assist them in business matters.  They asked if the women could come back and teach them what they learned  in the entrepreneurship class.  They will do this soon. What could be better than the women teaching each other?

Since last blogging and writing our newsletter, we have more good news that four new groups, in addition to the two new groups which were starting as we left TZ, have begun pig projects – that is 180 new women, bringing the total now to 494 women.  And there are other women working on other projects (not pigs) so we are over 500 women earning money to support themselves and their families!!

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