Dr. Kirby Kilpatrick who sent us off to Africa with the remaining tools of his trade as an OB/GYN (these can be seen on an earlier blog) wrote the title of this blog entry because of a slight poem I wrote and now share with you this Thanksgiving morning.  Sending it of course, to wish all our readers a happy day and to say I am thankful for YOU!


This morning began as usual.

A walk on the edge of the woods with James

We do not do that in Africa.

To walk a dog on a leash would be highly unusual.


There was delight in our walk; almost cold enough.

There were oak leaves for me to crumple through, and for James, smells to enjoy.

We both had unusual, uninterrupted sleep.

And awoke refreshed and thankful


Now for the African part.

Rooibos tea and a very small piece of toast (Prairie bread)

With unsalted butter and honey,

Honey I was going to take to Africa.


My day usually begins with prayer, even before our walk.

Perhaps that will come later,

Unless the walk and the tea were prayer enough

To reach the Mighty and  Holy One.


Yes, Africa has covered me like a healing balm.    With love to all, Tally