November 1st is always All Saints’ Day in the Church ~ a day when we “bless God’s Holy Name for all His servants departed this life in His faith and fear.”  It follows All Hallows’ Eve, or Halloween.  All Souls’ Day comes on Nov. 2nd when we remember the souls departed, and we have all known them.  

There are so many pictures I could/would/should put on this blog entry.  Just look at the television.  Like you, I have been glued to it with the news of Super Storm Sandy.  I look at the pictures with tears in my eyes.  New Jersey and New York are not that far from us ~ just up the road a’piece.   Saints ~ I think of the firemen, the “first responders,” nurses, Americans at our best.  The list is non-ending.  Just saw a man and wife ~ she had delivered a baby at the peak of the storm in a hospital in NYC with no electricity.  The nurse is a saint.  I salute her from afar.

Saints are all around us ~ just look around and I’ll bet you see one.  You may be one too.