Mail and bills are sorted and dealt with, yard cleaned and windows washed. Am ready for Winter – already have had fires in the fireplace. My sister in Connecticut only has her fireplace to keep warm as they are without electricity. My heart goes out to all who are suffering from the effects of “Sandy”.

These children were sitting through a long service in a church in the bush. They had not seen a Muzungu before, they are very isolated in this region. It makes me realise how important the Pastor is to a village. He, or she, is truly the only link to the “outside” world. People with no electricity have no access to radio, TV. It is difficult for them to see beyond the next crop on a exhausted land, the next meal. The Pastor gives comfort, he gives hope, he helps people find a way to educate their children. Marion, a friend and teacher at Msalato, recently wrote of taking blackboards to a remote village where the pastor is starting a school in the church because the “state school” is too far away for the children to attend. More and more we realize how important these men and women are to the growth of Tanzania, not to mention the well being of the people.

This coming year, Tally and I are going to focus on raising money for the Endlowment Fund – FOOTSTEPS IN FAITH, for Msalato Theological College. We are hoping people will pledge an amount for the next 5 years. Tally and I have made and paid our pledges, and are working with The Virginia Theological Seminary towards reaching the first goal of $1,000,000.00 this year. We are already over $250,000.00 but obviously have a long way to go. Please let Tally or me know if you feel able to make a pledge to help in this very important cause. Thanks, Jessie