We made it ~ left Msalato at 10:00 Monday morning and rolled into Pinehurst this afternoon ~ 3 days later.  It may be a “Long Way to Tipperary” but it is equally a long way to Tanzania via Ethiopia, Rome and Dulles.  We rejoiced in looking out of the plane’s window as we left Dulles for Raleigh to see a tad of autumn color in the D. C. area.  We live in a different world.  There are so few trees where we go in Tanzania as they are cut down for firewood and cooking.  It is barren land but the rainy season begins in November ~ will it come?  God only knows.

We met an inspiring young couple in Addis Ababa on their way home to Amarillo, Texas with their just adopted 17 month old son.  They sat behind us on the huge new Boeing 787 (with no leg room) but a gazillion seats.  He had been in an orphanage ~ father unknown, mother, raped and her parents convinced her to give him up for adoption.  He looked healthy but they said he was malnourished.  They named him Christian.  They have given life to a child who had little hope of education or love.  We also saw two other couples going home without a baby but both couples planned to return in 3 weeks or so to continue their effort to change a life and their’s too I expect.  From two old Bibi’s (grandmothers), let me tell you it is a grueling trip even for the young but they are making the trip again and again until they succeed.  There are some amazing people out in this world.

There is laundry to do, haircuts to have, and a lot of thought and reflection about our time there. Right now, jet lag has caught up with me (7 hours difference in Dodoma) so it is now 5:30 a.m. Thursday there.  James and Claude are happy to have us home.  Claude told me tonight that he was worried that the plane would crash.  That did not cross my mind.   More will be coming as we come up for air and think about what is next for the travelling “sisters.”

Love to you all, Tally