The dictionary says that “home” is a place of residence or refuge, that it can be a geographical place. But, then it also states that “home” may NOT have a physical location, that it can relate to a mental or emotional state of refuge or comfort. I have felt both is so many places that it is no wonder it is difficult for me to say where, as a geographical spot, I am at home.
Sandy gave me a quote by Buechner, which in short says: “…go to that place where the needs in the world will ignite the passions in your heart, tap your natural gifts, etc…go to that place where your deep gladness and world’s deep hunger meet.”
People have been my “deep gladness”. My consulting work was all about people, Tanzania is all about people, that magical connection we share with others. But, homecoming really means a returning to a relationship with Self, as Jung would say, or James Hollis who writes “our home is our journey and the journey is our home.” or Hermann Hesse in DEMIAN: “One never reaches home, but where paths that have an affinity for each other intersect, the whole world looks like home for a time.”

So, I feel blessed that my path, my journey, has taken my out of my comfort zones and into a humble place of what it really means to be human, to look in wonder at the mystery of it all, and to really be fortunate to feel at home anywhere in the world. jessie