We are packed and ready to go to the Shabiby bus line for our 7 hour ride to Dar es Salaam, then to Addis Ababa, Rome, Dulles, Raleigh and Pinehurt!  Wish we had some time in Rome but it’s a short lay over.

Yesterday we hit a new high and a totally new experience.  All of our trips to villages haven’t seen the likes of this.  We went way way out in the bush to Chikola Parish and I mean it was the bush.  It was a 12 hour day and get this:  3 of us baptized 240 people ~ 80 each.  That must be a record of some kind.  Certainly more than I have ever baptized in my 13 years as a deacon.  All ages ~ some screaming babies, some touching old old ladies, a blind man and one man whose family has been working on him to become a Christian for 17 years.  There was great celebration when he was baptized.  In fact I suspect there was great rejoicing in heaven yesterday.

There won’t be any more blogs until we get home sometime Wednesday.  Remember there is a 7 hour time difference.  Can’t wait to see Claude, Liz, all of our friends and especially our dogs.  Dogs are not  very welcomed here which hurts our hearts.

As always Jessie has been the perfect travelling companion ~ we have had some amazing adventures together.  Oh, the people we have met, the songs we have sung, the sights we have seen.  We feel we must come back if not next year, some day soon.  Now we have two homes.

It may take us awhile to recover from the long journey and certainly it will take maybe the rest of my life to process this part of my life.  The poverty still grinds at my soul. 

Until we get home this will be my last blog entry.  Jessie will add wonderful pictures of our 12 hour day yesterday.  Thanks to all who have read and stayed connected with us.  My laptop has been a nuisance which I hope has taught me patience and what I can do without.