NOTHING CAN HURT A HEART MORE THAN A SICK CHILD OR ANIMAL. They are so helpless.  We gave non-prescription eye drops to a mother tonight for her childs sore eyes.  She will take her to a doctor on Monday.  We gave her some money to go to town on Friday, but the doctor wasn’t there.

This dog came limping to our door (we leave scraps every night and various cats and dogs come by, but tonight this dog has something wrong with his right front paw.  He is afraid of humans, as are most of the dogs around here, so we put out milk or scraps, then back off to let him come up to feed.

He is typical of the dogs here, brown!  He is old as you can see by the gray around his face.  I will say that we don’t see as many thin or injured dogs as we used to, and many dogs are now attached to humans.  Such a joy to see them trotting along with a person.  Most, however, trot across the countryside appearing as though they are on a serious mission, not noticing, or acknowledging the humans as they go.