NEVER have I had such a large birthday party, not even as a little girl.  It was held in an Italian restuarant (we filled the place up) with teachers and staff from all over the world.  Many of the Africans had not had pizza.  I loved watching Moses and his wife Ruth ponder the menu for such a long.  The names were in Italian with very exotic ingredients.  Sausage was listed as pork or cow ~ not Italian.  Ruth ordered one with an egg on it ~ totally new to me ~ a hard-boiled egg right smack dab in the center.  There were accents from all over the world.  We even had someone we didn’t know ~ a young peace corps volunteer from the Kansas City area ~ cute as a  button.  There was a cake with one of those candles that has one age on it, in this case 60 but Jo had managed to add 19 others bringing it up to 79.  That was a lot of fire power but I made a wish and took a huge deep breath and got ’em all.  The wish will come true.  I won’t tell you the wish but you can probably guess what it was.

And imagine this ~ Jessie came in this morning with cards and a wonderful gift and even a card from Brenda Denisar.  If you get this Brenda ~ that was a wonderful surprise.

So today is the actual day.  I came into the world on a Friday the 13th.  We are going to take an early morning walk (one of my favorite things, just wish we had our dogs) before it gets hot and then start the packing.  I should have a nearly empty bag since I am leaving a lot of my wardrobe here.  I use the term loosely.

So thank you Jessie, my dear friend for arranging this party.  Not so easy to get transport into town for so many people.  You may be a miracle worker.

Love,  Bibi Tally