Just as one becomes comfortable with a different culture it is time to start packing.  I have only two more classes to teach tomorrow and I hope to help Jessie with an art/music class on Friday.  As once before, we played “Peter and the Wolf” for the children and had lovely huge posters of all the instruments of an orchestra given to us by Carol Winding when she was at EDS.  Drums and guitars are all they know here.  The posters have disappeared into the great void, so Jessie will have them make wolf masks and perhaps paint some of the story.  They will not know what a wolf is here.  They loved the story last year and followed it quite attentively. Fortunately, we found a book about a wolf with pictures.

My sense of stepping back into time is still with me.  I won’t say that I don’t miss certain things like a flowing shower head, but I learned last night how little water it takes for me to bathe and wash my hair.  There is a shortage here now and we have been asked to use water very conservatively.  One becomes very attentive to the universe but especially to small things such as birds singing their hearts out in the early hours.  At home our windows are closed and either the AC or the heat is on.  Little or no birdsongs there.  As we have said there are no distractions here such as TVs or lawnmowers!  We have a lemon tree in our yard ~ I thought they were limes because they are green and very small.  A student came today and asked if he might have a few.   It has been a bummer not to be able to send e-mail.  Jessie’s computer is working but it must be my server back home.  It’s been a lesson in patience and letting go of something that I love.

Sandy will be leaving for the States tomorrow and the place won’t be the  same without her.  She is such an inspiration. Students were leaving with her husband early this morning for town who were having exams at St. John’s University.  She gave them breakfast as she said she could not bear sending them off for exams with no food.  She asked if they would have lunch in town.  “No,” they said,”we have no money.”  Her heart breaks for these people.   We do what we can but it is never enough.  You just wouldn’t believe some of the sights we see and don’t ask me why the color of ink changes here and there.  I am afraid to mess with it for fear the screen will go blank.  Power comes and goes as does the internet.  It takes hearty, dedicated souls to live here and Jessie and I have met some of the most incredible people who are here as long-term missionaries.  I bow to them in reverence.

It’s hot in the middle of the day ~ we are close to the equator ~ but a powerful wind makes it tolerable.  It too is a lovely sound and by bedtime we often need a blanket.   

We will see you soon.

Peace and love from Tally