This past weekend was busy!  On Saturday, we had the field trip of the women from the entrepreneural class here at Msalato going to Ikowa Village to meet with the women there who have been running the piglet projects for the past two and a half years.  The Ikowa women had not had any business training before starting their projects.  The women from the entrepreneural class has not had any operating experience, but has had training in theory,  so it was grand opportunity for the two groups to exchange ideas and learn from one another.

We left Msalato at 9:00 a.m. in the new school bus that a KARIMU donor purchased for The Bishop Stanway Primary School.  Much laughter and singing on the hour and 45 minute trip.  Tally and I are constantly aware of how much laughter there is here compared to home.  Perhaps when life is so desparate, the lighter moments are that much more precious and are fully enjoyed.

After the arrival greeting of the women coming to the edge of the village and singing and drumming the guests to the heart of the village, the guests were taken to some of the pig pens to inspect the pigs and piglets.  One sow had just had 10 piglets.  The visitors took notes and later when we all met in the church, asked many good questions of the Ikowa women on how they run their projects.  The Ikowa women were interested in the questions, for they did not have answers for a few of them, and asked if the women from the entrepreneural class (EC) could come back and teach them what they learned.  One group from the EC had started the nutrional flour business and brought some with them to show.  Though there are only four of them, they gave their report, first their “Chairman”, then the “Treasurer” and last the “Marketing Director”  They even had a Profit and Loss statement.  This was a new thing for the Ikowa women and they hope to learn how to do that by next year.  The Pastor in the village has been very supportive and helpful to the women.

So, after a time, the EC women will return to Ikowa and coach the women on what they have learned in their classes.  And next time we come, we may hear from the Ikowa “Marketing Director”.  Let’s hear it for the women!!