ANOTHER new women’s project.  Four women who attended the Entrepreneural Seminar we sponsored in August, have started an enriched flour project and are making a success of it.  The flour is for porridge for children, expectant and lactating mothers and others who are ill or undernourished.  They take regular flour and add milet, maize, rice, groundnuts, and soya beans.  Then they package it and take it to market.  They had a business plan and read their Profit and Loss statement to me.  It will have to be translated from Kiswahili to English, but from what I heard it costs them 63 cents a bag to make and they sell it for $1.50.  Will fact check all this and get back to you, it seems a huge profit and a steep price to sell.  They want to expand their business and a small loan will help.  What they have accomplished was totally on their own, so a loan might be possible.  Other projects are coming along as more women complete the entrepreneur class and women’s english class.  We are going to have to come up with a way of managing this without burdening Moses Matonya or other staff members who are already loaded down with their own work.

Other projects are in the works and will report on them in a later blog, but suffice it to say, lives are changing.  We will have some new things for people and churches to work on when we return in addition to piglets!