Musa, our friend and driver at the college will not let us go into the open market alone.  Today, Jessie had the great idea to take Vicky, our sweet housegirl into town with us, not only to give her an outing but to have her help us buy food in the market ~ no English spoken there.  We gave her 20,000 Tanzanian schillings which is about $13.00.  We bought onions, tomatoes, green peas, peppers and green beans, 3 potatoes and bananas and told her to use the rest of the money on herself.  Well, it was like Oprah’s give away.  Vicky  bought mounds of rice and beans and the biggest cabbage I have ever laid my eyes on.  Tomatoes, peppers and onions are dwarf-size.  We stood back and watched with glee as she “stocked up.”  I dare say she has never had so much money at one time in her life and I wonder how long that rice will last ~ a heck of a long time I imagine.  It was a fun expedition.  Now my nap!