Early morning is magical in this arid, barren place.  I’ve been up a long time listening to the roaring wind and the chirping of happy birds.  While making a cup of Constant Comment I stood at the window looking far away at the distant mountains.  “I lift up mine eye unto the hills when whence cometh my help?” writes the Psalmist.  Saturday  mornings are lovely ~ they become our sabbath days.  Bless Jessie, she is still asleep.  I wrote an earlier blog and  lost it in cyberspace so this will be shorter.

Jessie laughs at my adaptability.  I used to be a 2-shower a day person until Claude decided we should conserve water.  Now I go several days here and hardly think of it.  The other night I said to Jessie that I was going to take a bath, no easy task and she said:  “You just took one yesterday,” so I said okay and left it at that.

We have lots of visitors.  One came day before yesterday and said a former student was here and wanted to see us NOW.  We had planned to take a walk and then a shower, instead we rushed to our bedrooms to primp as do most women ~ brushed our hair, put on lipstick and a squirt of perfume.  Well, “now” was an hour and a half later ~ we could have walked and bathed.  We forget African time.  Still it was a very nice reunion.  Students come to ask questions ~ you see, we are elders and elders are greatly respected here.  Tee-hee. One yesterday looked longlingly at the very small library in this house.  Another came with her two children and we noticed the baby was wearing a towel for a diaper.  If there is ever a next time we will bring diapers and paperback books. 

Jessie and I bought baobob oil yesterday (not to drink!!) but to put on our skin.  We are hoping to come home ravishingly beautiful and wrinkle free.  Don’t hold your breath.

Tomorrow we go to Chilonwa Village, our friend Daniel’s village ~ he of the “we give thanks to God for a glass of water” words. There will  be tea and a long service.  I will preach and I am sure they will want Jessie to say some words as well.

Supper last night was mango and banana mixed with yogurt, tomatoes, cheese and bread and you know  what, it was delicious and enough.  Far more than most will have for an entire day.  The students are fed, thanks to the grant from St Luke’s in Salisbury, NC, but food is hard to come by here for the villagers.

With these few words I bid you a happy weekend.  Love from Tally