By way of introducing myself to a new class yesterday I told them about our Mbwa’s (dog in Swalili).  Dogs are not exactly pets here.  The idea of a dog going in the house and sleeping in our beds makes them shake their head’s and laugh.  So today I took this picture in to introduce them to Tally Pendo, Lisa and James.  One asked if Pendo and Lisa were James’ wives.  I said that James is not a polygamist, that he is a Christian dog.  James is staying at Jessie’s house with our wonderful dog-sitter, Carolyn Rush.  She calls it Camp Carolyn and spends her time playing with them  Claude goes to see James every couple of days and he thinks James would like to live there because he has so much fun.  He doesn’t have a yacht anymore but he has two homes.  He gave up his mountain home to come to live with me.  More to come in a later blog.  No internet for awhile and yesterday was quite a day both good and bad.  That’s Africa ~ maybe that is life.  As ever, Tally