If we couldn’t laugh we might cry ourselves to death or at least I would. 

This is the story of the ubiquitous green plastic bucket.  You have seen pictures of our living room but you have no idea of our bathing situation but it works.  In Dodoma town when we first arrived we went in to buy a few groceries and the green plastic bucket.  One sees the women all around town with these buckets on their heads loaded with tomatoes, greens, sweet potatoes or what-have-you with the most elegant posture.  For a few dollars I bought a bucket to assist with my bathing arrangements.  Jessie’s bathroom already had one.  Last night I went in to take my bath and the bucket was gone.  Panic.  What had our sweet house girl Vicky done with my precious  bucket?  Today, after classes I asked her if she had any idea where it was.  I had already checked everywhere.  She then reminded Jessie that she had taken it to her art class the day before and probably left it in the class.  What I am trying to say is how precious something so common-place as a bucket can become when you have next to nothing.  You know, it was like:  “where is my bucket; who took my bucket?”  That darned bucket was a treasure and bless Jessie, she made a special trip over to the class room to retrieve MY bucket.  In her defense, she loaned me her bucket last night!  What we wouldn’t give a second thought about at home became very important to me.  

Alas, would that life could be as simple as a plastic bucket.  El Nino is going to effect Africa this  year.  Rains are predicted to be above normal in Tanzania during the “rainy season,” (November).  That sounds good however, prospects of water born diseases such as malaria and cholera outbreaks due to stagnant water and the overflow of sewerage looms high.  Fungal disease will impede crop developement and foot and mouth disease is also likely.   It’s enough to rip your heart out.  These are good, honest, hard-working people.  It is hard not to ask God WHY.

Desmond Tutu says to pray for Africa ~ pray for Africa everyday.  I don’t know what else to do.  I yearn to write poetry about it and cannot find the time or the words.  I also want to sleep all the time.  Maybe the Tzetse fly has gotten me.  

Love to all of our readers,