Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Women’s English Class armed with painting kit.  Bucket, watercolours, brushes and paper.  They had the water and cups to put it in.  Their teacher, Marian, is an artist herself, and actually is a better teacher than I as she is very creative and can draw well.  Marian is from Austrailia. Alot of depth and nouse.  These women are at the beginning of their English studies, so they have an interpretor, Teresia, who is the wife of a pastor who is currently studying at Suwannee in Tennessee.  Tally stayed at their home in a village last year.

It was a fact that none of the women had ever drawn or used paint.  We began with some basic concepts about elements of shape, all in English, then they drew something I had put on the board.  Next, Marian struck a pose, and they painted her.  It was so interesting to see what they came up with as a first time effort.  Unsophistacated and untrained, but with a lovely feeling, creative use of colour , and their own interpretation.  They also enjoyed the hour and one half of relaxing into the work.

Play is a part of their learning.  Marian has them playing games in English, one which is almost like musical chairs, net ball, a form of soccer, as well as other cut and paste activities.  These servie to loosen them up, as learning a language as an adult is difficult.

These ladies as well as the ladies in the entrepreneur class will make the field trip to Ikowa October 6th.  Another new experience (women networking)!