Two lovely male students visited us this afternoon and during the conversation about many things, especially the value of women, we were told that the wife of the president of Tanzania (Jakaya Kikwete) said:  “Educate the women and you educate the nation.”   Apparently it is a well known proverb going back many years, so who knows who first said it?  Maybe George Washington when he said:  “All I am I owe to my mother.”  Whoever said it, I believe it, especially here in Africa. Women have not had opportunities that we have in America, but that is changing.  The men recognize that women are more than child-bearers.  In some areas wives are still beaten as a sign of love.  Let my husband try that and he will be history.  Slowly, slowly, the Christian pastors are getting the message across about love and the love of the creator.  It’s a crazy, mixed up world, but hope endures.  Tally