It was a busy weekend!  Friday evening a student broke his arm at their soccer match, Sandy and Martin came for dinner.  Saturday, Tally and I were invited to our friend, Sache’s home for lunch.  Her sister, Moti, whom we also know, was also there as were their children.  Had a delicious lunch and good conversation.  Their English has improved so much over the last five years, and our Kiswahili is non existent.  Embarrassing!

Sunday, Tally preached at the chapel here, then we all trundled off to an ordination.  It was supposed to start at nine, but didn’t until 10:00.  It ended at 2:30!!  Lots of singing, choirs, ceremony.  Bishop Mhogolo was there, and we had a chance to visit with him.  He left today for the U.S., but will be coming back to TZ the day we are flying back home so no chance to have him come to NC.  Perhaps his next visit.

Today, back to work.  Tally is writing a sermon, and preparing lessons for her class, am doing the same.  For me it is with the Women’s English and Entrepreneur class, next week I start at Bishop Stanway Primary School again.