It is after 1:00 a.m. our time and I am ready to pack up and head home.  I was sound asleep when I heard Jessie cry out from across the hall.  “Are you okay?” Some awful looking creature had made its way under her mosquito netting and was crawling around overhead.  Thinking it was a spider she told me NOT to come in knowing it would freak me out.  When she realized it did not have 8 legs she said:  “come and see.”  I call this middle of the night “Show  and Tell.”  Let me tell you this was one serious bug about 4-5 inches long with creepy long legs.  Jessie is not one to kill anything and even took me to task several years ago for killing a spider, saying he probably had a family and was on his way home.  In an attempt to stun him or her, she gave it a shot of bug spray.  Naturally,  it dropped from the top of the netting into the bed.  We gingerly moved her pillows ~ no monster.  I got the torch and looked under the bed.  There he or she was.  Jessie first put on shoes ~  one does not run around barefooted with a creature like this on the floor.  We put a waste basket over him/her and tried to slide the basket out of the room ~ oh, forgot to mention, the basket was plastic with wide slits in it.  As it tried to crawl out she gave him/her another little spray.  The next step in Operation Get this Critter Out of Here was to cover the basket with a checker board and get to the kitchen door.  He looked pretty stunned and may not have made it but she said he had some life in him by the time we pitched him outside.  Remember that prayer in the Scottish Prayer Book:  “From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedty beasties, and things that go bump in the night,  good Lord, deliver us?”  Well, He let us down tonight and I doubt I get another good night’s sleep the rest of the time I’m here.  Tom Thompson, if you are reading this you will remember I came to you to rid me of my spider phobia.  Dear sweet man, we didn’t work on dinosaurs like this. Jessie has turned in and I now I will have to go into my room with spray can in hand, either that or sleep with the light on with my eyes glued to the netting.  If you run across the Terminex man please put him on the first plane for Dodoma.  I’ll be awake and waiting for him.