Ruth, Moses’ wife, has started raising pigs too. She bought her pigs from the women in Ikowa Village. We went to dinner at their home last night and toured the pig pens. There home is lovely and though they have more work to do to complete it, it is cosy and comfortable for their large family.

WIND: Seems windy, more so than when we are usually here in July and August. It rifts through the house, doors rattle, windows and screens pulse. It keeps us nice and cool, though dust rides in on it’s back and covers much in a days time. Glasses and cups have to be stored upside down and clean clothes come off the clothes line with licks of dust in swirly patterns.

Yesterday my lost blog spoke about the meeting with the Headmaster of Bishop Stanway Primary school. In brief, the bus has been a real plus in attracting more students. Parents who worried about putting their children on dala dalas now feel confident of their safety. Enrollment is increasing and they anticipate over 300 pupils next school year (January). They have had an increase of 10 already, due to the bus.

Last year was the final year of grant money from Wyoming, where 52 students were given scholarships. They are trying to find sponsors for those children who haven’t yet graduated. Yesterday, we said KARIMU would sponsor 10 children. The cost is $262. per child per year.

I do not yet have the exact figures, but the savings of transportation costs since getting the bus has been great. Will give a detailed report after meeting with the school accountant and Head Master. Right now they are giving State examinations for the graduating class. bye for now, Jessie