5:00 o’clock traffic jam.

Thought I would give you a quick review about Tanzania, or for those that are new to the blog!  Tanzania was created in l964 by combining Tanganyika and Zanzibar.  The capital is Dodoma, which is in the middle of the country and where we are.  But, Dar es Salaam is where all the business activity, ports, etc., are still located.  It is where we fly into as the Capitol does not have an airport!!!

Tanzania is twice the size of California with a population of 41 million.  It is a relatively peaceful multi-party democracy.  Sadly, it is one of the poorest countries.  The average salary is $75-$90 a month, but most people subsist on less than a dollar a day, many are subsistent farmers.  30% of the country is protected natura habitat and is quite diverse in its animal, insect and plant life.  There are 128 officially recognized tribes, the Maasai being the most recognised tribe as they still wear the red cloths covering their bodies and are cattlemen.  All Tanzanian’s speak Kiswahili so they are Tanzanian before being a member of a particular tribe.

Gasoline is over $7.00 a gallon, so one sees many pedestrians and bicycles as well as mini buses and large buses.  Tally and I feel so free without a car and able to walk to where we want to go unless it is to town to pick up supplies that are heavy to carry.

KARIMU is working on a small geographic area around Dodoma doing many things to help people in subsistent farming villages.  These are the projects you have been helping with and will be hearing updates on.  J