The first year that we came (2008) we were escorted to our living quarters.  After our hosts departed, artist Mackay took one look and said:  “this is dismal.”   The next morning when I woke up, I heard her in the living room.  She was in her nightgown transforming this “dismal place” into a fairly attractive home.  She covered the sofa with some bright material we had brought; covered the tables with kangas, moved some ugly cushions stacked in a corner (don’t know where she put them), painted a picture of a Muslim woman she had photographed in Zanzibar a few days earlier, hung jewelry on the walls and had found a few flowers in this rather desolate place. She said it looked like a hippy pad but to me it was like magic.  Today after returning from Dodoma town to buy  art supplies and a few more groceries, again I heard her doing something in the living room.  It sounded as if a moving company had come in.  Africans go for very heavy furniture and I found her on the floor under the dining room table trying to get it moved to a different angle.  Well, you wouldn’t know the place now.  Books have replaced games on the bookshelves in the living room ~ lovely greens and flowers brighten the room ~ we bought a huge colored map of Tanzania to bring home just so you can really see where we are ~ that now hangs on the wall.  There are candles on the table along with more flowers.  It is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  The eye of an artist can do wonders.  Now we have a home for 5 weeks!  I’ll photograph it and see if I can figure out how to put it on my lap top and then send it on to you.  Beverly  Sills once said we all need a little beauty in our lives and even though  this is not the garden spot of the  world, we now have beauty.  I sing a song of praise to the artist.   Tally