We made it.  This was truly a long journey!  The flying part was 39 hours, a record for us.  My legs and feet were swollen, toes looked like sausages!  They hurt as well.  We were met by the same chaps that meet us every year.  Hamid asked about “Mr. Davenport”?  We told him Tom had died.  It feels lonely without his cheerful spirit in the house.

In Dar, we fell into our beds a little after three in the afternoon, woke at 11:00, ordered soup, ate, and returned to sleep until 7:00 a.m.  Caught the bus at 11:00. Hope to get into a more normal sleep routine soon.

There are no Type A’s in Tanzania.  Shortly after leaving the bus station, the bus got into an accident with a car.  Not one passenger got up to look and see what happened,  or asked any questions, but just sat for a hour until the police came.  Of course accidents are a common occurence here, but still – I cannot imagine American men not checking things out.  The bus only had four women on it, we were two.  Oh, and I checked!

Martin met us at the bus station in Dar, we went to their home for dinner and celebrated Martin’s birthday with a yummy dinner and cake.  So good to see them again and be back at Msalato.  This is the latest in the year we have been here.  It is Spring and am hearing new bird song, perhaps migrating birds?  The temperature is higher, but stiff breezes keep it cool, and the nights are still cool.  Woke to roosters, how nice.  However, one must be an insomniac as he began at 3:00 a.m.

Today taking it easy, unpacking, going shopping with Sandy and another couple for food and other provisions.  Jessie